Specializing in treatment of soft tissues / Fibromyalgia / Whiplash / Carpal Tunnel / Neck injury / Lower Back Pain / TMJ Sciatica / Arthritis close


The licensed massage therapists at The Therapy Option provide a wide range of techniques and services to treat a vast number of soft tissue issues at two locations in Jim Thorpe, PA.


Neuromuscular Therapy, The St. John Method/Structural Integration

This pain management technique is based on the physiological principles of ischemia (lack of blood in the tissues), trigger points, nerve compression/entrapment, postural distortion and biomechanics in the treatment of soft tissue manifestations of the human body.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage provides a reduction to stress by relieving tight and sore muscles associated with chronic tension. Massage increases circulation, slows the heart rate, improves circulation and provides more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Therapeutic Massage can dramatically improve the physiological effects of stress.

Deep Muscle Massage

Deep muscle massage is a technique administered specifically to the muscles and fascia. This 50-minute massage begins with light strokes to warm the tissues and as these tissues relax, it enables the therapist to apply deeper pressure to the muscles to enhance muscle relaxation. Deep muscle massage helps to reduce muscle strain and tension and assists in reducing inflammation.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a three-dimensional, therapeutic application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascia in order to eliminate restrictions. A postural evaluation is done followed by the palpation of the various layers of fascia. Gentle pressure is then applied in the direction of the restriction. Myofascial release is an effective way to provide relief to pain caused by acute or chronic conditions.


An ancient Chinese therapy, reflexology is a technique that involves manipulation of specific reflex points on the foot that correspond to other parts of the body. “Zones” on the foot are stimulated to relieve congestion in the body and provide an energy flow that promotes self-healing and provides balance in the body. It is used to relieve stress and stimulate blood and lymph flow.

Lymphatic Techniques

A therapeutic approach, Lymphatic Techniques provides the body with a resource to enhance lymph flow in the body. Through mild stimulation of the soft tissues, the flow of lymph increases, providing a reduction to post-surgical swelling, improving the appearance of skin and providing a heightened the sense of well-being.

Hot Towel Face Massage

A wonderful way to rejuvenate the skin and relax at the same time, Hot Towel Face Massage is an (add on), 30 minute (invigorating massage) applied to the face, neck, shoulders and arms. The addition of hot towels during the procedure further enhances relaxation. This procedure helps to tone and restore the skin, leaving a glowing appearance.